Sunday, January 25, 2009

Injury Update

My doctors in Ethiopia just sent an email home, and instead of me telling the story, I figured this would suffice. I will live to travel another day, but my walking days may be behind me.

GNOME was involved in a minor vehicle accident over the Ethiopian Epiphany holiday. He sustained multiple breaks in both legs. He was rushed to the Peace Corps volunteer clinic in Gonder, where he was placed under the care of four PCVs and two couch surfers from Maine who professed to have passing experience in Gnomish Medicine. They worked tirelessly through the night, armed with Gorilla Glue and their unshakable faith in humanity. Things were touch and go for a while, at times they seemed to be losing GNOME, but it was at these times that Head Doctor Josh threw forth his fiercest lifesaving efforts, crying defiantly, "NOT ON MY WATCH!!!" After several harrowing hours of surgery, I am happy to report that GNOME has been successfully reconstructed and is resting and recovering nicely in Debre Markos under my tender care. I am afraid I must tell you, however, that GNOME's right Achilles and lower calf was never found. The larger medical community told him he'd never walk again...but he's a fighter. He'll prove them all wrong. F--- the man and his rigid medical establishment.

GNOME would also like to take this time to draw attention to vehicle accidents as the "silent killer" of Africa and make note of the fact that Ethiopia has the highest rate of traffic deaths per vehicle in the world. He is happy to be alive and is devoting his life to the promotion of traffic safety and the establishment of sound traffic laws, for the cessation of these needless deaths.

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  1. Gnome, you are giving me hope. To die will be a great adventure!

    Watt Smith