Sunday, September 27, 2009


The day before going to the TCU game, I spent some time in downtown Greenville picking up a few growlers of beer from the Blue Ridge Brewing Company. I decided to take the time to go around town and take my picture with some of the sights. Here are the results.

Safe travels to all - hope to see you on the road soon!


From South Carolina

Clemson Games

Unfortunately both the Boston College and TCU games were rainy - and unfortunately, our offense sucked in both games. Fortunately BC was even worse than we were - but we couldn't find a way to score in the 4th quarter against TCU, a game a competent team would have won. Here's to not driving to Clemson for another rainy weekend next week - just hope we have ourselves ready to go for Wake.

Although, if we lose to Maryland, you might not hear from me again.

Anyway, here's the lone picture I took that was worthwhile from our BC tailgate, where the first monsoon of the week took place. I'll probably post in just a few minutes with pictures from my trip to Greenville.


From Clemson

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travelin Tah Bawstan

Just got word I'll be heading up to Mass for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I'll be trying my best to take pictures while there, and if I can get done with work early enough maybe I can make it out to a game at Fenway! Keep your fingers crossed!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures from the road trip!

I finally got around to posting the pictures Mark sent to me from the trip he and I went on - and what a blast we had! The way I handle my photo albums is on a state by state (country by country as well) basis, so I divided them up into separate albums. Below is my Louisiana album, and you can follow it to find the ones I created for South Dakota, Iowa, and Wyoming (I added a picture for Washington too). Hopefully you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being in them!

The Clemson football game was quite an adventure yesterday - I'll try to post about that sometime in the near future.

As always, safe travels!



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time no type

It's been a while since I last wrote - largely due to the excitement of college football (and to a lesser extent, pro football) starting up. But tonight I'm finally getting my pictures from my roadtrip with Mark (he's been holding on to them for the time being) and once I've had a change to go through and reminisce, I'll be posting them online for all to see.

I may have an upcoming trip to the northeast for some business, but that is still up in the air - hopefully I'll have an update on that shortly.

Also, I'll be going to the next few home games. I have some time on Friday of next week to myself, so I think I might be stopping in at The Beacon for lunch. Oh yes, I will be having that double chili cheeseburger a'plenty!

Anyway, safe travels and I'll talk to you all soon!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Greetings from Arizona!

Mark and I are heading back eastward, and after a few days in California, we've made our way past Las Vegas and into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Arizona. It is easily the hottest place I have ever been to, but I must say that there have been quite a number of sites to see. Mark's blog still has amazing pictures from the trip, so make sure to keep checking in on him!

I've also been updating my map as we've gone along - it's starting to get pretty crowded on there with all of my markers...just the way I like it!

I'll probably have to cancel my trip to Greer since I won't be back when I had planned, but I am certain I'll be going there sometime soon in the not so distant future. See you soon, Grr!

Anyway, safe travels everyone! Talk to you soon.


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