Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chattanooga, TN and updated travel plans

This past weekend my friend Luke and I went on a quick drive up to Chattanooga, Tennessee to take in the sights. It is a very pretty city which is surrounded completely by mountains. The downtown is quite pleasant to walk through, as you can walk along the Tennessee River, go in to the Tennessee Aquarium, or just shop around. We didn't have a chance to go into the aquarium though, as we had plans at Lookout Mountain, which overlooks all of Chattanooga. Inside of Lookout Mountain is a cave which contains Ruby Falls, a waterfall that is about 60 or 70 feet tall. We went on a tour of the cave and got to see a lot of pretty formations, and of course the awesome falls. The trip seemed to come and go, but overall it was a great day for the both of us!

In other news, I have put off my trip to Germany until next Monday as I have obtained tickets to the Davis Cup tennis matches this Sunday (March 1st) in Birmingham, Alabama. Once I am done there, I will be immediately on my way across the Atlantic, but I couldn't pass up the chance to see Andy Roddick.

Safe travels!


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