Monday, April 20, 2009

Long time, no type

It's been a while as I've awaited word from GNOME as to his whereabouts. We still have not heard from him, so this weekend I began my journey to track down my long lost brother. While his last known point of contact was in Germany, it is fair to assume that weeks after his abduction he could be anywhere on the planet. As such, I will leave no destination unturned.

My most recent stop was on Daniel Island in South Carolina. There was a high-profile tennis tournament going on there, so I figured I might interrogate some of the famous tennis stars to see if they had played any part in GNOME's abduction. Security was not as willing to let me interrogate the Williams sisters as I would have liked, so not much was answered. I did thoroughly search the island, and it is fair to say that GNOME is not there. As evidence, I have included pictures from my investigation.

I will continue to keep this blog as a point of contact between myself and anyone else out there attempting to find my brother. If you have any information, please let me know - otherwise keep your eyes open for an orange gnome with broken legs.


South Carolina

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