Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Basketball Season

Well, that was embarassing. After our first touchdown against SC we seemed to be flying high, but then after Dawson couldn't hold on to a snap all of a sudden it was over. Extremely disappointing - first time losing to SC back to back in 40 years. The only reason I haven't stopped my payments to IPTAY is because rumor has it Terry Don is on his way out...if that isn't the case, I doubt I'll be getting season tickets next year. I'd rather spend my money/Saturdays traveling as is.

That aside, Thanksgiving was a blast. Saw tons of family and friends throughout the holiday weekend, and even made plans to go to New York in August of next year. I'm also working on details for a trip to Europe around the June-August time frame. Should be a fun summer - now I just need to make some plans for Winter and Spring.

Here's hoping the basketball team can salvage some sort of moral victory this weekend in Columbia. Won't be holding my breath, though.

As always, safe travels!


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