Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip to Oklahoma

I got back from my trip to Oklahoma last weekend, and what a trip it was (but don't get me started on the long drive). Seeing a game at Oklahoma was a truly awesome experience - for any college football fan, it is a must. From what I've seen so far, they take the cake on pageantry and the overall game day experience.

Also, if you're ever in town make sure to try the Iron Starr and get the BBQ Club. It's smoked turkey, brisket, bacon and cheese on Texas toast. It's out of this world, and a short walk from the stadium.

The other highlight of the trip was getting to try the infamous Whataburger fast food chain. I'd hear stories of their superiority to other fast food burgers, and I will admit that outside of the West Coast it is the best fast food burger you can get. But In-N-Out still reigns supreme (that being said, I would still take a road trip to Birmingham to get to the nearest Whataburger).

We got to drive through Arkansas and Mississippi as well, but we didn't really have time to stop and check out any of the sights along the way. I'll just have to make sure to swing back through at some point in the near future (I know Clemson will be playing Ole Miss in a few years, so perhaps then).

But as of now, it's just traveling around for the holidays. Don't really have a ton coming up other than our big night game this Saturday and doing Thanksgiving in Charleston and Greenville. If you've got any big trips coming up and want some company, I've got nothing but free time. :)

As always, safe travels! And Happy Holidays!


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