Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pictures from North Carolina

I finally ventured into NC for the first time, and what a trip! I got to see my first snow of this winter, stood on top of a 150ft waterfall, and had the chance to drive through some beautiful mountain scenery. For anyone who has never been to the Rainbow or Turtleback Falls in NC, they really are a must. In the summertime, you can go sliding off of Turtleback (you'll have to wait your turn in line, though) and just a few hundred yards down the Horsepasture River is Rainbow Falls. You can stand at the very top of it (as you can see in my gallery below) and just take in the roar of the falls and the beauty of the mountains. It truly is the best hike I can think of (and it's only 3 miles round trip from where you park - not too shabby).

If you're ever within 2 miles or so of Lake Toxaway, NC and need a way to kill an afternoon/day - make the trip up to Gorges State Park. It'll be well worth your while!

Next up for me is Christmas in Greenville. I just met another Clemson gnome who is about to move up to Waukesha, WI so hopefully he'll be able to share some of his adventures with us on here as well!

As always, safe travels - and happy holidays!


North Carolina

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