Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures from Montreal

So I just got back from the great white north yesterday - what an experience! The first three days I was there it was incredibly gray and snowy...very depressing. But on Friday the sun finally came out, and I got to see what a beautiful city Montreal is. The parks are gorgeous, and the city has a very unique feel to it. I unfortunately did not have a chance to go to any well-known breweries or restaurants, so I'll just have to go back sometime in the future.

I've included some pictures from my trip below - hopefully they show how much fun I was having while in Quebec (even though I don't know a single word of French).

But now that I'm back, I'm not certain if I'll be going anywhere new in the coming weeks. If you know of any fun trips that you're going on and want me to tag along, by all means let me know!

As always, safe travels!



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