Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures from trip to North Carolina

So I had a blast in the mountains this past weekend! Although the Honda Civic we took to the mountains was not nearly prepared for the icy mountain roads we had to climb (we got stuck for a few hours), we managed to survive just fine. The cabin in Hot Springs was incredible, and getting to see a bunch of different towns in the mountains was incredible. I highly advise you taking a trip there if you get the chance.

Asheville was also awesome. I had the chance to try maple syrup / brown sugar / bacon ice cream at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and oh my it was close to life-altering. One of the most creative and tasty ice creams I have had in a while.

Also had a chance to go to The Beacon in Spartanburg, SC for the first time. You can see pictures of that in my South Carolina album on Picasa.

Other than that, I'm just back in Atlanta waiting for my trip to Montreal next week. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and as always, safe travels!


From North Carolina

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